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Tengist GD is the sequel tae Tengist, but is made wi the Godot ingine an adds muckle mair. Mair levels, mair wapens an mair!

Like hit's predescessor, Tengist GD is made tae test mechanics for futur gemms. Misfortunate-like, sib tae tengist, nae gemms came fae this aither.


Like the oreigional gemm, Tengist GD haes aafu seimple an arcade'y gemm-play, but here, hit's mair refined an, bi some fowk's wey o't, plays a muckle better.

Ye hiv 10 levels tae git throu, an thare's wan ye hiv tae unlock, can yese feigure oot hou?

Development Historie

Development stairtit on December 2016, an feinisht the first big the follaein month, an ivery big efter that haed been pit oot monthly, on the 1st, up until Februar in 2018.

Tengist GD's development haed been bi faur the maist smuith-like at the time. Aatho hit can be argued that T3ngist is e'en smuither.

The hale development blog can be rade here.

Hit wis aasae wir first gemm made wi Scots in mynd as the mithertung, an oor development blogs reflect on that pynt an aa.

Thare ware plans tae pit oot the gemm on HTML5 at the same time as the ither versions, but we juist coudna git hit tae wirk nae maiter whit A daed, sae we haed tae scrap hit.

We gat loads o enthusiasts tae help us pit the gemm intae mony leids, an maist o'aim war feinisht, but some o'aim warna.

Oreigional-like, the gemm wis made on Godot 2.4 an abuin, an Tengist GD wis gaun'ae be portit tae 3.0, but thare war sae mony problems, that we war juist as weil makkin a new gemm halely, enter T3ngist.


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