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Tengist (pronoonced "Ten-jist") is freeware First Persn Shuiter gemm made in the Unity ingine for the purpose o testin gemmeplay mechanics an featurs for future Gamerstorm releases, hit's sib tae Firefox’s “Nightly” or Thunderbird’s “Early Bird” builds.

Hounaiver, naething actual came fae this, 3 levels war designed for the gemm, but ainly 1 o'aim actual made hit tae the gemm.


Juist kill aathing an git tae the end. The gemme is fest-paced an arcade-like.

Development Historie

The gemm wis made afore we stairtit tae plan things aheid, sae we juist played it bi the lug.


The gemme wis made for the purpose o gittin feedback, an in the short time hit came oot, hit did git a muckle criticisms, some o which war ironed oot in the next uodate, whit came oot the follaein year.

Ane o the big problems wis that the player muived wey ower fest an that the soond effects war ower lood.

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