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Hypnofire 3D


Hypnofire 3D is a space shuiter, an the 3D sequel tae a school project made in Scratch. Hit wis the first release made in the Godot Ingine. The oreigional haes syne been lost, but the gemmplay is the exact same in 3D


Hit's the year 2100, an the intergalactic sport o "Hypnofire" haes taken aff syne lest year's tournie.

Ye play as Cobrq, a rookie, wha is enthusiastic aboot winnin the tournie an becomin the new universal champion! Can ye git him thare?


The gemmplay is seimple, yer ship aye pynt tae the mids o the arena ye're in, an yer aim is tae tak doun spaceships afore thay tak ye doun!

The gemme haes 10 stages, wi aa sorts o enemiy teips ye encoonter.

Development Historie

Hypnofire 3D is the first gemm wha's historie's been documentit in wir development blogs (inglis)

Development stairtit in 14t October 2014, an development wis slaw an on an aff thanks tae ither commitments an PCs dein oot up 'till mid 2016 whaur we decided tae mak chacklists an plan things throu, an ainly a few month efter, the gemme wis feinisht an pit oot.



The Windows instaaer came out on 30t November 2016, an ither platforms an instaa methods the day efter.

The gemm came helely unner the radar, wi ainly a coople o peices o feedback, that war taen intae acoont for the nixt version, whit gat pit oot the follaein week, on 7t December 2016.

Linux deb an rpm instaaers, an tgz airchive versions o the gemme came oot in 25t Mey 2017.


A pheisical copy wis made an pit oot an included extrae dev-ainly guidies, an wis availbale for £2 on Kunaki. Hit's nae langer for sale an ainly a coople o copies actual exist. Gin thare is ony demand for hit, hit can be relistit.

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