We're still wirkin on this site the nou, sae no aa pages are gaun'ae be available

Oor Historie

Oreigins (2006-2008)

Gamerstorm wis foonded on 21st September 2006 at aroond 8:15pm... somehou A mynd that as a gemms forum, caaed "Megabytes". Whit lestit up until 2008. Ye can see whit remains o'aim in the wayback machine.

Hit wis juist a generic gemmin forum. Thare wisna onything special aboot it. Near the end, A pit in a few arcade gemms, but no many war on it.

The RCW Saga (2007-2010; 2017)

RCW wis a relatively popular Youtube series Cobra! made, the first yin bein oot on 21st April 2007.

In late 2006, in an AIM bletherin wi Cobra! an his cousin, thay war messin aboot wi emoticons, pretendin thay're fectin, than we eventually brocht consoles intae hit, which inspired Cobra! tae mak the Youtube series, at the time, caaed CWWE, than later on ICW.

The series haes seen ups an douns, an e'en some gemms o hit's ain. Hit haed hit's ain wabsite an aa.

Videos war made up until 2010, whaur we decided tae muive on.

RCW daed mak a return lest year for hit's 10th anniversary wi a new video an a DVD an Video CD collection.

Sploder Ingine (2007)

We stertit tae dip wir taes intae makkin wir ain gemmes in 2007, oor first game wis the "Megabytes War" series in 2007, which wis made uisin the Spoloder ingine. 4 o these gemms war made in the span o 5 month...

Scratch Ingine (2008-2012)

Later on, we stairtit uisin the Scratch ingine, an this wis whaur Gamerstorm maist weil kent series' came fae, sich as Rossies an Hypnofire.

Hounaiver, hit quicklly became obselete tae us, an oor scope o gemms quickly ootgrew the ingine, sae we searched itherwhaur for anither ingine

Unity Ingine (2012-2016)

Aiblins oor maist unporoductive era. In aa that time, we ainly mamaged tae pit oot ane gemme (Tengist), an e'en then, hit was ainly an early version wi 1 level.

Godot Ingine (2016-Present)

Fest forrit tae 2016, an we hiv leart hou tae be mair productive, an hiv been pumpin oot numerous gemms syne we stairtit wi the Godot ingine.

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